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Watch out for this very realistic phishing email, almost identical to the real alerts sent from AT&T, which has been noted on the Better Business Bureau site.If you receive anything like this, you can send it to [email protected]&T offers some tools and recommendations—1 TB equals 400 hours of HD video—and you can buy an extra 50 GB for if you go over.

AT&T supports the Trump administration’s plan to reverse the reclassification of ISPs as common carriers, a public utility designation codified under Title II of the Communications Act that subjects common carriers to a stricter tier of regulations.Depending on the plan, U-Verse customers will face caps of 300 GB, 600 GB, or 1 TB.The previously unlimited service now costs an additional a month.Rather than outlining a real-life scenario in which blocking and throttling were allowable, the judges were deconstructing the argument that the First Amendment grants ISPs the right to block and throttle web traffic.Hultquist says the decision shows “that only market forces and not FCC rules prevent ISPs from doing virtually everything that proponents of the Title II order feared,” but the judges take exception to that as well, upholding the FCC’s reasoning “that a subscriber might well have no awareness of her ISP’s practices of that kind in the first place: she may have no reason to suppose that her inability to access a particular application, or that the markedly slow speeds she confronts when attempting to use it, derives from her ISP’s choices rather than from some deficiency in the application.” “After all, if a subscriber encounters frustratingly slow buffering of videos when attempting to use Netflix, why would she naturally suspect the fault lies with her ISP rather than with Netflix itself? Even if a consumer becomes aware of their ISP secretly manipulating traffic, “she faces high switching costs constraining her ability to shift away from her ISP if it reneges on its representation by blocking her access to select content.” Hultquist said the court’s interpretation could be used to justify zero-rating services like T-Mobile’s “Binge On” or “Metro PCS’s plan to offer a low-cost tier blocking most video streaming (except for You Tube).” Such offers received scrutiny under the 2015 Open Internet Order’s general conduct standard, which sought to apply net neutrality protections in less-clear instances of traffic manipulation.

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